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My Other Websites and Memberships

STEM Ham Radio

STEM Ham Radio is a project undertaken by Charles Rich (AK4SR) to help schools start their own ham radio clubs.

STEM Ham Radio on Facebook
STEM Ham Radio Facebook Group

My Instructables

Bad news! Some sort of glitch removed my account and tutorials from the Instructables.com site. Between them and I we figured out that when I cancelled a trial membership with Autodesk (their parent company) for their CAD software they wiped me from their system entirely. Oh well, my stuff was out of date anyway. I'm sure it will fill up again in time.

Don't know what an instructable is? Well, it's basically a lot of people showing other people how to do all kinds of things they never thought they needed to know and sometimes making it fun.

My Wordpress Page  

This is my main contact and information page for colleagues, friends, and family. Heaviest emphasis is on my work with Educational Technology.



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