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education technology

Education technology

In present days,Technology in education is debatable topic amongst the society.

Everyone has their opinion and view about modern education and add with technology which is helpful and improve in education sector. Where positive result will come with technology in education anotherway negative result also include like: technology minimize the time for work and other way it maximize the distance.but many of the student choose education institute better than study at internet to understand concept. 

Technology and education are a good combination in career for student’s  reason and vision.by the use of technology educator, student and parents get learn according to their interest and need.the use of technology improves education platform and management.

Educational technology is the use of both use of physical, hardware, software and educational.

Technology with education is an art to facilitate learning and improving knowledge by creating, productive  and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

It compasses several domains including learning theories computer-based training, online learning.

There are some important factors in education technology which is helpful technology, educators, students and parents have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips.

1.Teachers can collaborate to share their ideas and resources online:

Technology  plays an important part in education system between student and teacher.

Use of education material and notes to share are very easily.it minimize the distance between the teacher and student to clear the doubts and share problem thoughts opinions and new ideas.

2.Helpful in management:

In education system may system are coordinate each other finance department 

Management department and student or faculties department.

They face a number of problems in the education system to communicate with each other.

Nowadays technologies solve the problem and minimize the distance between all departments to share information and solutions of problems at computer system without meat.

3.Long-term research indicative of the positives of technology on learning: 

now days, students don’t need to go on field to get any subject information on research 

It is easy to get any material and information for making project and take all solution directly from researcher and subject faculties.

4.Educational Technology improves student learning outcomes: The technology with education change the student life style and their learning strategies the result is many achievements earned by utilizing the free time which minimize by technology in education.

5.With the use of online learning student can access any matter and information from internet form anytime in most causes. The benefit is parents, working students and professionals on the move has option to attending their classes in their own peace. And need only to study mobile phone, computer or the internet.

many videos are available in any subject on the internet and easily understandable for students.

The systematic use of Technology in Education has changed the base of education and it has created more educational opportunities in world  at every field along with the sports.

Both teachers and students get benefited from the use of various educational technologies, teachers have learned how to integrate technology in their classrooms and how students get more interest  in learning with technology.The Technology in education has minimize educational boundaries, between students and teachers in real time using advanced educational technologies.

In education sector technology has helped in the growth of mobile learning and long distance learning. 

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