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  1. Education Technology

    Debunking the Biggest Myths about Digital Courseware

    Here, we examine four of digital course materials biggest myths in the higher education space and determine the importance of active…

  2. Education Technology

    4 Must-Haves For a Modern Digital Textbook

    Interactive features, and content that’s customizable and always up to date are among the most important aspects to consider when adopting…

  3. Education Technology

    The Best Chrome Extensions and Apps for College Professors

    Here is a list of the best Chrome extensions and apps for teachers and professors in 2019. Take your teaching to the next level with these…

  4. Education Technology

    Making Smart Choices About Tech In The Classroom

    For professors, new technology can be a great opportunity to grow and experiment as educators. But making the right choice can quickly…

  5. Education Technology

    4 Emerging Education Technology Trends to Watch

    Education and technology have always developed hand-in-hand—and technology has always informed the way we educate. But we are far from the…

  6. Education Technology

    My New Professor Uses a Digital Textbook and We Love It

    From convenience and cost to interactivity, midwifery student Maha Maryam discusses the benefits she discovered when her classes started…

  7. Education Technology

    Technology in the Classroom in 2019: 6 Pros & Cons

    For professors, new technology can be a fantastic opportunity to experiment and grow in realms not originally considered

  8. Education Technology

    Top Hat Geoscience Textbook Author Wins Innovation Prize

    Top Hat author Dr. Ricardo Nogueira, a senior lecturer in Geosciences, has been honored by Georgia State University (GSU) with a prestigious…

  9. Education Technology

    The Professor’s Guide to Classroom Response Systems

    Learn how to effectively choose and use clickers in the classroom, and gain tactical insights from professors who have put them to work to…

  10. Education Technology

    How Does Technology Impact Student Learning?

    How does technology impact student learning? Some postsecondary educators view technology as a distraction in the classroom. Even if they…

  11. Education Technology

    SXSW EDU 2019: 4 Key Takeaways About Education Technology

    Personalized learning, formative assessment and improving student interaction all require technology to be teacher-led and focused on…

  12. Education Technology

    YouTube in the Classroom: 7 Tips and Best Practices

    While YouTube is better known for Taylor Swift and video game commentary than higher education, the video hosting platform has gone from a…

  13. Education Technology

    Technology in Education 2019: 5 Trends to Watch

    In 2019, education technology will be about social change, better use of resources and improved infrastructure—not the branded gadgets…

  14. Education Technology

    Edtech Early Adopters and Users Surge Among Faculty: Survey

    The classroom has changed—and now there’s proof. A new survey by Inside Higher Ed, tracking professors’ attitudes towards educational…

  15. Education Technology

    Educational Technology Grants: Where to Apply and How

    Finding out about educational technology grants — especially ones that are relevant to higher education — isn’t as straightforward as…

  16. Education Technology

    What is FERPA? Student Privacy in the 21st Century Digital World

    What is FERPA? FERPA, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, was signed into U.S. law in 1974 with two purposes: first, that…

  17. Education Technology

    How Do Clickers Work? 4 Ideas for Classroom First-Timers

    How do clickers work? In this blog post, we cover the kinds of clicker devices available, and offer some use cases to aid student learning

  18. Education Technology

    Clickers: The Ultimate Guide

    Read this Ultimate Guide to gain a clear understanding of clickers, otherwise known as classroom response systems, as well as how the…

  19. Education Technology

    Experiential Education Provides Deep Learning Opportunities

    How experiential education can take place inside the classroom through techniques such as role-playing, simulations and collaborative group…

  20. Education Technology

    3 Reasons to Use Technology in Your Classroom

    The use of technology in the classroom is now widespread. Trying to eliminate student technology use is a losing battle. Here are three…


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