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AI Education Will Enter K12 Schools in China

Mar 16, 2018

No area of technology is hotter than AI, or artificial intelligence, now. Chinese academics have surpassed their American peers in AI research quantity. AI-related patent submissions in China almost tripled between 2010 and 2014 compared to the previous five years. With 4 times of the population of the US (and much faster adopters in technologies), China has […]


An Interview with Tom Kalinske – On Experiences from Multiple Industries

May 22, 2017

Tom Kalinske is best known for being the CEO of Mattel (multinational toy manufacturing company, most famous for Barbie) for 15 years, growing Mattel’s market capitalization to over 10 times its original size. After leaving Mattel he was also the CEO of Sega, where he managed to wrestle over half of the video game market […]


Part V – II Analysis on Investment Strategies of Chinese Online Education Companies in 2015

May 1, 2017

  I. Analysis on investment strategies of Internet giants According to incomplete statistics, almost 30 public and non-public companies have established large investment funds, totaling more than 15b Yuan. Now, both these giants and well-performing entrepreneurs want to invest online education with a very clear purpose. That is in line with the judgment made by […]


Part V – I Overview of the Investment and Fundraising of the Online Education in China of 2015

May 1, 2017

  I. Profile of the fundraising by online education companies Online education investment storm has lasted for more than two years. As for financing whole online education industry, according to existing samples, a half of companies (52.99%) are not financed and are basically start-ups. Or, in other words, they do not find another financing for […]


Part IV – III Analysis on the SWOT of the Online Vocational Education and the Method of Breaking through the Dilemma

Apr 27, 2017

  I. Analysis on SWOT (i) Analysis on advantages Rigid demand Most people receive vocational training with a very clear purpose: undoubtedly, to land a more stable or highly-paid job. Civil service exam or IT training is conducted for “employment” – the rigid demand. The goal set in the Decisions on Accelerating the Development of […]


Part IV – II Analysis on Segments of the Online Vocational Education

Apr 27, 2017

  In reality, vocational education is a closely segmented industry. As the demand for professionals gradually increases, more importance will be attached to companies in subdivided markets. Analysis will be conducted on several main online vocational education companies.   I. IT training IT education has now been listed as a national key construction project. More […]


Part IV – I Overview of the Online Vocational Education Industry

Apr 26, 2017

  I. Definition of the online vocational education The online vocational education refers to online training and exam conducted by people to become qualified for an occupation and improve vocational skills, with user group mainly being adults.   II. Composition of the online vocational education industry Generally speaking, online vocational education is divided into two […]


Part III – III Development Trend of the Online English Learning Industry

Apr 25, 2017

  I. Traditional training institutions now actively shifting towards the Internet From 2013, the online education industry has developed with the endless emergence of startups and maker companies. The online education developed well in the first half as online and offline training institutions actively cooperated with each other for common benefits. In the second half, […]


Part III – II Features of the Online English Learning Industry

Apr 25, 2017

  I. Large companies dominating the market According to the Statistical Bulletin of the Development of Education in China released by the Ministry of Education, there are now near 300m English training consumers and over 500,000 training institutions in China. Online language learning projects are conducting the fourth round of financing. Hjclass, online English training […]


Part III – I Overview of the Online English Learning Industry

Apr 24, 2017

  I. Definition of the online English learning industry Literally, online English learning means English learning via the Internet — activities of conducting a series of English learning via mobile phone, tablet PC and computer. As for online English learning, the common misunderstanding is to make traditional English textbooks, video and audio online. Such an […]


Part II – VII Analysis on the Demands of Online Primary and Secondary Education Industry

Apr 20, 2017

  China Online Education Research Institute conducted a sampling survey on online K12 companies and got the following results.   I. Market forecast: great difficulty in entering the outbreak period by online K12 companies According to those results, with regard to a market forecast about online K12, there are two opposite ideas — “to enter […]


Part II – VI Product and Service Model of Online Primary and Secondary Education

Apr 20, 2017

  I. Products and service models of online primary and secondary education With particular audience, online primary and secondary education is more complicated than higher education and vocational education in terms of business type. Obviously, it is complex to classify its product and service model, which is also the key to understanding the model of […]


Part II – V The Industrial Structure of Online Primary and Secondary Education

Apr 19, 2017

  I. Source of online primary and secondary education companies It is very important to understand the background of companies, deciding the competitive advantages and disadvantages of companies with different backgrounds. The backgrounds of online education companies engaged in primary and secondary schools are very complicated, but can be summarized as follows:   Internet giant […]


Part II – IV Analysis on Market Features of Online Primary and Secondary Schools

Apr 19, 2017

  I. Current situations of the online primary and secondary school market The year 1996 see the establishment of China’s first online school CHINAEDU.COM, pioneering China’s online education. With Beijing 101 Middle School’s teaching resources, this online school has grown rapidly, and the slogan of “studying at home just like in a key school” also […]


Part II – III Analysis on the Features of the Primary and Secondary Education Digitalization Market

Apr 18, 2017

  I. Overview of primary and secondary education digitalization market The market size of primary and secondary education digitalization is very large. The appropriation for educational digitalization stands at about RMB 200b per year, about RMB 80-100b of which is spent on applying IT to primary and secondary education and a large part of which […]

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