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Over the past thirty years, there has been much dialogue, and debate, about the conduct of educational technology research and development. In this brief volume, Justus Randolph helps clarify that dialogue by theoretically and empirically charting the research methods used in the field and provides much practical information on how to conduct educational technology research.
Within this text, readers can expect to find answers to the following questions:

(a) What are the methodological factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing and conducting educational technology research?

(b) What types of research questions do educational technology researchers tend to ask?

(c) How do educational technology researchers tend to conduct research? (d) What approaches do they use? What variables do they examine? What types of measures do they use? How do they report their research?

(d) How can the state of educational technology research be improved?

In addition to answering the questions above, the author, a research methodologist, provides practical information on how to conduct educational technology research–from formulating research questions, to collecting and analyzing data, to writing up the research reports–in each of the major quantitative and qualitative traditions. Unlike other books of this kind, the author addresses some of research approaches used less commonly in educational technology research, but which, nonetheless, have much potential for creating new insights about educational phenomena–approaches such as single-participant research, quantitative content analysis, ethnography, narrative research, phenomenology, and others. Multidisciplinary Methods in Educational Technology Research and Development is an excellent text for educational technology research methods courses, a useful guide for those conducting (or supervising) research, and a rich source of empirical information on the art and science of
educational technology research.

This resource can also be downloaded from the publisher’s website (in Finnish) at: http://www4.hamk.fi/julkaisut/julkaisu.php?id=490


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