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Student Panel: Reflections on Experiences with Educational Technology

This is an archive of a student panel from the 2018 DET/CHE conference. The panel includes students from the California Community College (CCC) and California State University systems. The students share their experiences with educational technology in college. The students are:

Arturo Aguilar, CSU Fresno
Trinity Chi, San Francisco City College
Amber Greene, Santa Barbara City College
Dineo Maine, San Diego State University
Laura Marquez, Citrus College

Use these quick links to jump to the following questions:

3:28 Reflect on your experiences as a college student and answer this question, “I wish my teachers would _____________.

8:08 If your instructor gave you the choice for a test to: write a paper, create a video, or create a verbal presentation, how would you feel about having that choice? Which option would you choose and why?

18:03 How are you using mobile devices to access the resources and services provided by your instructors and college?

20:25 Why did you choose to take an online class? What makes an online class a good learning experience?


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