Submission Guidelines

Submitted articles should meet the following criteria:

For All Publications

  • Must be related to educational technology or the use of technology in the classroom
  • You may link to your own project or site
  • You may include paying links or banners in your article.
  • Materials may be run through a plagiarism checker prior to publication.
  • Must include a picture to be used as a Featured Image. This picture can be one included within the the story itself, but it needs to be submitted separately. The image can be png, jpg, or gif format.


  • Should be neither too short or too long. Submissions of less than three or four paragraphs just don’t convey enough information. On the other hand, most readers aren’t expecting to read an eBook either.


  • Reviews should be of similar length to articles.
  • There is no prescribed format, but your review should follow some established format or style.


You may submit eBooks to be given away for free or for a fee. If you wish to charge for your eBooks you will need to:

  • Register as a user on One World Classroom
  • Request seller or teacher access
  • Place the eBook in your store for sale

Please note that any materials sold on this site are subject to a 20% surcharge.


We prefer linking to videos on YouTube. If you have a relevant video just send us a link and a featured image and we’ll post it.


There are multiple ways to teach a course on our site:

In our classrooms

Our classrooms can be found at https://learn.oneworldclassroom.net. If you wish to teach a course for free then all you need to do is enroll as a teacher and set up your course. Some of the classrooms allow you to charge for a course already, while others require some setup on our part.

Courses need to adhere to the guidelines in the All Publications section above. Courses that are off topic or inappropriate will be removed.

You may also submit links to courses you already teach elsewhere for inclusion on our Courses page. Please submit a Featured Image (or a link to one) along with your link.

In your own Classroom

If you would like your own classroom there are a few options:

  • You can request a classroom of your own in a sub-directory. So, for example your classroom would look something like https://learn.oneworldclassroom.net/MySchool. These classrooms are limited to five Gb of storage and we charge $3.99 a month.
  • Similarly, you can request a classroom in a sub-domain. This isn’t really that different except that it would look something like https://MyClassroom.oneworldclassroom.net.
  • Or, better yet if you want more control and want more than just a classroom you can visit https://oneworldclassroom.net/hosting for hosting packages starting at $3.99 that allow you to install front pages or blogs, in addition to your own classroom. These packages do require you to have or register a domain (average $14 a year), which means you won’t be under our URL at all. You site would be something like https://myschool.net (or .com, .edu, etc). There are no topic restrictions on hosted classrooms.

How to Submit

We accept submissions via email, links, or other shares. The exception to this would be courses and items to be sold, in which case you must register and submit these items through the user dashboard.

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