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Technology of The Future Classroom

Children learn best when they are interested in a subject or when it’s fun. When students think a lesson is fun, the information is more likely to stick in the long term, according to NUITEQ’s Education Technology Specialist, Myrto Pitsava. Snowflake makes learning fun by taking a familiar subject such as maths, literature, science, etc. and adding a game feel to it.

Special Education Teacher, Carla Dunder, from Balder School in Skellefteå Sweden, who has been using Snowflake for teaching, underlines the importance of the interactivity and game aspect her lessons now have. Further, she explains how students’ behavior has changed since using technology in the classroom; they are now more engaged, to the point that they request using Snowflake and are excited to learn. For Carla, applications supporting drag and drop bring value to her teaching, and she believes this is a unique capability, that other educational software providers do not offer.

In regards to teachers, those who use Snowflake don’t only have an Educational Technology tool, but they also have access to ready-made content, created by teachers at NUITEQ® and by teachers all over the world. The content at their disposal is curriculum-aligned and easy to find on the Lessons Online platform, the web-based companion of Snowflake.

Although today more and more schools integrate technology into their classrooms, some teachers are hesitant or even scared to start using it. Being a company with technology at its core, at NUITEQ we want to show people that it shouldn’t be that way. We believe it’s important to be close to our users and support them in every step, which is why we think it’s key for us to meet the teachers and help them overcome their fear or hesitance of using this technology in the classroom. Technology should be fun, easy-to-use and we want to show educators that Snowflake is an all-around tool that makes their job easier.

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Charles is an English for Special Purposes (ESP) instructor for the US Government with experience in computers, technical writing, design, and of course, English instruction and with a Master's degree in Technology in Education. Charles can help you with a variety of things like copy writing, planning, and technology selection. He has experience with various LMS and LCMS systems and can help you decide if one is right for your needs. He's also the webmaster for this site.

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