What is a Mooc, and where can I find one?

MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. Essentially, schools take a large chunk of curriculum, put it into an online learning management system and offer it to the public for free. This was a hot idea a couple of years ago that just hasn’t grown as quickly as people expected. Part of the problem is that it costs money to give courses or whole programs away for free.


As a result we are mainly seeing the larger universities like Harvard offering MOOCs, often as a way to encourage students to enroll in their institutions. The concept is that if I give you 3-6 semester hours of my robotics program you’ll come and attend the other thirty or so you need for a degree. For some it actually works well.


Unfortunately, though, a search of Google for MOOC yields more sites explaining what a MOOC is than there are sites actually offering them. It’s too soon to say that MOOCs are or aren’t taking off, but it seems a little slow.


edX provides probably the most MOOCs, and in fact they have 129 courses specifically on ed tech, and a few hundred on education in general. The Ed Tech MOOCs are at https://www.edx.org/course?subject=Education & Teacher Training.


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